Hard Money Loan Calculation - Result

EZ HARD MONEY "Cracking The LTV% Hard Money Code"
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Purchase Price
After Repair Value
Initial Loan Amount $96,000.00
Estimated Repair Costs
Total Loan Amount $106,000.00
Select approved Loan LTV
As-Is-Value % is 64%
ARV percentage is 53%
Note: (Total Hard Money Loan cannot exceed As-is-value!!!)
Important! As-is-value(AIV) nor after-repair-value (ARV)
ratios percentage Divided into total loan amount cannot exceed 75%
Example calculation (e.g.)
1. Initial Loan Amount $90,000 (without repairs) Divided By As-is-value $130,000 = 69%
2. Total Loan Amount $105,000 (with repairs) Divided By As-is-value $170,000 = 62%
Note: Although rehab costs are "rolled in" to create a “Total Loan Amount” both are not truly
one in the same loan they are in fact 2 separate loans. This is a 90% LTV e.g. only-all properties
must be approved to a certain LTV which is base upon State and property location.
Note: On one hand there’s a purchase loan, and on the other hand there’s a rehab loan
which is held into escrow which can be withdrawn in 3 draws for rehab (meaning
investor have to pocket the cash for repairs upfront - after each repair-inspection investor
receive a draw reimbursement in 3 segmented after repair approval until rehab completion).
So, no matter how you look at it you would need to cover 10% down for the purchase loan
portion, and you'd need to cover the rehab loan upfront for rehab before reimbursement.
Your Costs Breakdown:
Our Loan Fees
Our Loan Points $2,650.00
( Will not to exceed 2.5% of Total loan amount)
Estimated Closing Costs $2,120.00
( includes normal & customary Attorney/Title closing fees )
Loan Down Payment $24,000.00
(Down Payment is 100% - Selected Loan LTV% above)
Holdback Rehab Loan $10,000.00
(Held in escrow-einbursed in 2-3 draws after each inspection approvals)
Total To Close The Deal $39,169.00
(Get Preliminary Cost from selected closer)
Estimated Profit $34,831.00
Up To 100% LTV Hard Money Private Loans! Some States DoNot Apply!
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